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Mingas is a singer-songwriter
from Mozambique,
... and this is her website.
Mingas is a singer-songwriter from Mozambique.
from Mozambique.
Charcoal drawing of Mingas by Walter Zand (original size 1,200x850mm) based on photo by Naita Ussene.
Latest CD:
December 13:    Release of Mingas' new CD, 'Vhumela'.
Find it in Maputo at:  Mabuko, Conga, Gil Vicente Bar, Bazar Paraíso, Airport gift shop,...
In Nampula at  Mabuko (Girasol Hotel) and in Beira at Restaurant 2+1
Available for download at    CD Baby,    iTunes    and    Amazon.com
Mingas CD 'Vhumela' album cover
Track List:
  1. Na Wene
  2. Khululeko
  3. Vhumela
  4. Nengela
  5. Só Com Camisinha
  6. Rwadna
  7. Kadya
  8. Nyandhayeyo
  9. Redondo
  10. Nwêti
  11. Mathapa
  12. Ma Poison
  13. A Va Saty Va Lomu
  14. Malungelo
December 10:    The French Ambassador to Mozambique, M. Serge Segura, presented Mingas with her insignia as "Chevalier dans l'Ordre National des Arts et des Lettres".     News articles:    Domingo-Cultura     O País Tindzava     Domingo
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Current solo albums:
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Mingas: 'Vhumela' 2009 album cover
'Vhumela' (CD, December 2013)
Available now in Maputo shops.  Also for download on  CD Baby,  iTunes  and  Amazon.com
Mingas: 'Vuka Africa' 2009 album cover
'Vuka Africa' (CD, 2009)
DVD: 'Mingas ao Vivo' album cover
'Mingas ao Vivo'
(DVD, 2009)
Audio clips:
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Previously, this year:
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    "Homenageie a uma mulher, esposa, mãe, filha, irmã, namorada, prima, avó..."(Poster)
  • February 14:    'Dia dos Namorados', Gil Vicente Bar Cafe in Maputo  (Poster)
  • January 31:    Marrabenta Festival at Centro Cultural Franco-Moçambicano.    Mingas, Dilon Djindji, Neyma, Wazimbo, Stewart ...more...   (Poster)